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Leadership Team & Key Team Members

Alfonso Betts


Alfonso started Bestway Services in 2000. Alfonso oversees the corporate organization and the coordination of personnel to ensure the firm’s operational success.

Roosevelt Manning III


Roosevelt has been with Bestway Services since 2013. Roosevelt is responsible for overseeing the complete operation of the company. Creating, communicating, and implementing the company’s vision, mission and overall direction while leading, guiding, directing and evaluating the work of our key personnel.

Patrick Tisdale III

Director of Operations

Patrick has been with Bestway Services since 2022. Patrick has direct oversight of all locations while directing Project Managers and onsite Supervisors. He is each location’s primary point of contact while overseeing all aspects of the operation to include Training, Safety, Quality Assurance and Contract Compliance. He also works alongside the Director of Administration regarding all recruitment and training needs.

Elsy Rodriguez

Director of Administration

Elsy has been with Bestway Services since 2021. Elsy oversees the Administration of the company to include long-term strategic planning, overseeing compliance, recruiting and all administrative tasks while delegating tasks as needed to staff and managing personnel.

Roberto Santiago

Project Manager,
MNAA Garage

Roberto has been with Bestway Services since 2016 and has direct oversight of all Bestway employees within the MNAA Garage.

Patricia Muniz

Project Manager,
MNAA Outlying Buildings, American, Spirit and Envoy Airlines

Patricia has been with Bestway Services since 2016 and has direct oversight of all Bestway employees within these areas.

Kenji Wright

Project Manager,
Los Angeles Courthouse

Kenji has been with Bestway Services since 2019. Kenji has direct oversight of all Bestway employees within the Los Angeles Courthouse.

About Bestway Services, Inc..

Experienced, Dependable, and Honest Professionals

Bestway Services, Inc. is a commercial janitorial and building maintenance service. Our experience includes facilities of all sizes including office buildings, medical and high tech facilities, auto dealerships, government buildings, retail establishments, institutions, banks, museums, art galleries, restaurants, daycare facilities, retail establishments, manufacturing plants, and educational facilities. Our workers have over seventy years of experience in the industry. Our workers have over seventy years of experience in the industry, and our firm’s proven track record demonstrates a strong commitment to quality.

Our dedication to your cleaning needs includes:

Employment of responsible and mature teams trained on client-specific requirements.

Minimal turnover in the workforce, which produces consistent results through the benefits of team chemistry.

“A ‘no excuses’ response to your cleaning and disinfection requirements.

Over 100 years of combined management experience in the maintenance industry.

Knowledge and expertise necessary to maintain all aspects of your facility, including effective response to any incidental or emergency requirements.

We are aware of your need for a secure and safe facility. We will see that all necessary doors are locked and secured while cleaning and after our job is complete. All alarm codes will be kept with strict confidence and with your interests at heart.

Bestway Janitorial is fully bonded and insured up to $1,000,000.

Once our service is initiated, the responsibility of maintaining your facilities’ appearance is ours. We will maintain consistent and high quality visual results that project a positive impression you can be proud of.

Contact us today and find out for yourself why we are the leading preferred professional janitorial/facilities maintenance company around.

We adhere to strict quality standards while maintaining affordable pricing.

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On call 24/7

Five Star Rated


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bestway Facilities and Janitorial Services handles their business from the top to the bottom with attention to every detail. They are highly recommended and proved to be what we were told about them. Thanks, Bestway Services, Inc..